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Thinking Out of the Box

From Inspiration to Innovation

Time flies. We live in the age of mobility. The perfect scenario for a modular system. QUADRIN is a dream fulfiller, a problem solver and enabler for a whole array of different tasks.

Shipping containers may serve another purpose, but have made an active contribution to the development of QUADRIN. Their ‘genes’ fascinated and inspired us: and that is how QUADRIN became standardized, self-supporting, stable, stackable, low-cost in production and easily transportable.

Enrico Uffer

QUADRIN – living and solutions

QUADRIN in all dimensions. The two product lines, living and solutions have been conceived on the one hand as complete living spaces, and on the other as temporary structures.

A house to go

As a holiday house, an office or a small visitor’s centre: QUADRIN living is a flexible solution – whether temporary or permanent.

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QUADRIN solutions - a peerless problem solver

As press centre, showroom or flagship for your event, QUADRIN fulfils an array of wants and needs.

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QUADRIN easy - the rentable problemsolver

As ticket office, infoPoint or drink and food bar. The rentable problemsolver QUADRIN easy fulfils an array of wants and needs.

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Spaces for stacking

Larger structures, such as hotels or temporary lodgings, can be easily assembled from QUADRIN solutions modules.

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These modules are produced in Switzerland. Our high-standard of materials and craftsmanship, as well as our strict quality assurance procedures guarantee a high-quality end product. The location of our Swiss factory eases logistics and handling. 


The far-reaching standardisation and normalization enables an efficient, and thereby cost-saving production. This enables us to pass savings on to the customer, and offer our modules at attractive prices.


During the evaluation process there is no need to read plans, or interpret architectural sketches or 3D renderings. Instead, it is possible to view and tour the completed spaces. Not only does this provide a one-to-one sense of proportions, but it offers a realistic basis for making decisions, as well. 


While the materials and dimensions of the structure’s exterior are standardized, most parts of the interior can be freely designed. Colours, forms, textiles, furnishings – each customer can configure their module according to their own particular wants and needs. 


QUADRIN – a product of Uffer Inc. in Savognin

Landmark of the Uffer company is a pro­duction facility of impressive pro­por­tions in the village of Savognin, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The size of the fa­cility speaks volumes about our approach: we don’t cut corners. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. The facility’s roof is co­vered in solar panels from edge to edge, thereby covering not just our own energy requirements, but those of half the neigh­bourhood, as well. As we said: no shortcuts. 


Explore the QUADRIN interactively from home
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QUADRIN F40 Konvikt, Chur Tambo Lodge, Splügen

QUADRIN – a product of
Uffer Inc. in Savognin

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