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QUADRIN living – it is whatever you want.

Our first thought was of a holiday apart­ment, until other requests came pouring in: whether it would also work as office space, a museum shop, retail space or a clubhouse, as well. Indeed, it does. QUADRIN living is multi-optional: use it for whatever you need it for!

Base module F40 from CHF 175'200.00
Base module F60 from CHF 225'800.00
Base module F90 from CHF 293'500.00


QUADRIN living is a stan­dard­­ized product, but we couldn’t agree on just one size. While some prefer ‘small and tidy’, others go for ‘bigger is better’, while others still seek ‘the golden mean’. Which is why we now offer this module in exactly these three sizes.


QUADRIN living is mobile and is therefore perfectly suited for temporary tasks. A schoolroom, until the new school house is finished; a temporary display room, a shop or a museum café. Quick to set up, quick to take down. Once you are finished, you can set it up elsewhere or sell it again.


A room consists of four walls, a floor and a ceiling. It’s no different with modular spaces. Which means there is no real difference, in terms of lifestyle or atmosphere, between modular spaces and conventional ones. Even in terms of insulation and soundproofing, our modules fulfil conventional norms and standards. 

QUADRIN – a product of
Uffer Inc. in Savognin

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