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QUADRIN event – a peerless problem solver 

Appearances at events require temporary spaces. With QUADRIN event, there is now a completely new and innovative solution. There are countless advantages when compared to a tent. The rentable QUADRIN event makes the sort of event appearances possible that you could only dream about a few years ago – and that at a fair price, that won’t overload your budget. Consider it for your next appearance at an upcoming event.

QUADRIN event brochure

  1. Permanent roof
  2. Temporary roof
  3. Horizontal elements
  4. Wall element / framework
  5. Girder / conduits
  6. Supports
  7. Textile elements
  8. Diverse dimming options 
  1. Promotional banner
  2. External, storey-high stairs
  3. Variable atrium 
  4. Structural supports (small)
  5. Porch / balcony
  6. Door unit 
  7. Ventilation flap in attachable frame
  8. Polycarbonate, mounted subsequently 
  1. Transparent Plexiglas wall-element
  2. Main, external, ground-floor steps 
  3. Interior stairs with utilities closet 
  4. Structural supports (large)
  5. O-beam as floor-wall joint on each storey
  6. Exterior, secondary, ground-floor steps
  7. Adjustable screw-foundation


Appearances on events require temporary spaces. QUADRIN event offers a brand-new, innovative solution. The rentable QUADRIN event provides a vast number of advantages in comparsion with a tent. Electrical connections, lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation are installed. All logistical concerns are co­vered: transport in deep-sea container, assembly, storage by the courier and rental concept for the building shell.

Additional options:

  • Individualized furnishings
  • Special seating arrangements
  • Diverse lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor, façade-integrated LED screen


QUADRIN event is produced in the Swiss mountains with Swiss know-how and local wood. Fabrication is done using eco-power, which is produced on the roof of our factory workshop. Individual elements are transported compactly. QUADRIN event’s energy balance is out­stan­ding, even during production.

Energy concept:

  • Insulating glass
  • Insulation according to energy efficiency norms
  • Heating by thermal pump or mobile pellet stove


Whether used as a functional press centre, prestigious showroom or VIP lounge, QUADRIN event can be adapted to meet your individual needs perfectly. QUADRIN event will be transported by us to the location you determine, and will be fully set-up and ready for occupation in no time. If you so desire, you can even design the interior which we will complete to order.

Usage possibilities:

  • VIP lounge, bar
  • Pop-up-Store
  • Showroom
  • Event studio
  • Press centre

QUADRIN easy – The rentable problemsolver

As ticket office, infoPoint or drink and food bar. The rentable problemsolver QUADRIN easy fulfils an array of wants and needs.


Here today, gone tomorrow.

QUADRIN event is a mobile, energy-efficient, high-quality structural concept. Easy to transport, quick to set up – that was the challange we set out to achieve. The module can be set up in a short time by us, or under our guidance.

QUADRIN – a product of
Uffer Inc. in Savognin

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